Glory-Anne Jones


Fort Orange Ballroom 5

Youth Meditation Stands up to Childhood Anxiety Cultivate Confidence, Self-worth, and Balance


About Speaker: 

Glory-Anne Jones is the co-founder of with friend Lisa K Brown, and owner of euphoreje. She has worked with young people as a leader and guide. She teaches them to weave their ideals, strength, passion, courage and confidence into daily life. As a youth meditation leader, Glory-Anne helps children reunite with their inner selves. With guided meditation, she reminds kids to “take a moment, breathe, and step with purpose into your own unique power.”

About Workshop: 

Guided meditation plants seeds of positive thoughts for people of all ages. The way you think affects how you feel. Young people can benefit from meditation, in a group or individual setting. As children learn to recognize their thought patterns early on, it is a pivot point for them to turn toward a positive life. As they become aware of the path their thoughts take, children gain the ability to guide their minds away from anxiety. Learn tips on how to bring meditation into your child's life.




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