Michelle J. Howe


Fort Orange Ballroom 5

Emotional Empowerment For Life


About Speaker: 

Michelle J. Howe is the founder of Empath Evolution. Michelle is a powerful guide, teacher, healer and speaker. Her mission is to awaken your sense of inner connection for expansive living. Michelle is also an intuitive Empath who was unaware of the intimate way she was connecting with others. In her late 30s, while navigating through a series of challenges, she discovered the word “Empath” which described her in many ways. This realization sparked a thirst for knowledge and her journey to Self. Michelle is here today to guide others on a similar journey.

Empath Evolution offers individual guidance, healing sessions, intuitive readings, development programs and community events that allow deeper souls a space for new success in the world. Our mission is to light the way for others to live with wisdom, peace, joy and fulfillment. Our intention is to empower each person to navigate beyond negativity, trauma, mood swings, anxiety and more – to more fully enjoy their lives at home, at work and in relationships. For more info, visit www.empathevolution.com

About Workshop: 

Do you struggle with certain people, emotions or anxiety?
Would you like to gain deeper understanding of yourself and your life?

Michelle will speak to you about intuition, energy and the energetic dynamics that affect your life. This lecture shares new knowledge, tools and insights to manage your day-to-day emotional challenges. It’s time to gain greater understanding; connect to intuitive guidance and reach new levels of confidence and fulfillment.







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