Christy Forsyth


Fort Orange Ballroom 9

It’s a Magical Life: Finding and Connecting to the Magic that Exists in this World


About Speaker: 

Christy Forsyth is the cofounder of Clarity, providing Soul Therapy, an intuitively-led life coaching service, internationally. She is a psychic medium, certified life coach, and licensed mental health therapist. She is a motivational speaker and has developed her own very successful motivational speaking event called Clarity Connects. She is a spiritual video personality on an international website and app called Future Life, founded by celebrity astrologer The Leo King.

About Workshop: 

There is so much magic that exists here in this world and within ourselves! Sometimes you just have to change your perspective and know how to look for it! Learn how to reconnect with your intuitive self and allow it to provide you with a navigational system for your best life. Christy will share her ideas for working closely with your spirit team and angels to communicate with them and recognize the signs and synchronicities that they are orchestrating on your behalf all the time!