Jill Byron


Fort Orange Ballroom 7

This Is Not Your Truth - It's Your Biggest Fear And It's Killing You


About Speaker: 

Her mission is start a cultural movement and replace fear with faith and love. Jill Byron is a coach, entrepreneur, trauma survivor and former corporate world high-achiever specializing in health care reform strategies. Jill works with corporate teams and private clients to eliminate their fear-based decisions and empowers her clients to become their truest and best selves.

About Workshop: 

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs illustrates what human beings need to survive and therefore what motivates us. I believe there has been a cultural shift for middle-class Americans. And it’s literally killing us. We accept stress as a normal byproduct of life and take our health, wellness and relationships for granted out of our need to survive. It is our definition of survival that needs re-evaluation, because you are sacrificing the elements that will keep you alive for the things you feel you would die without.