Jarin Kenyon


Fort Orange Ballroom 5

Fast Track Your Dreams - Create the life you dream of, faster than you ever thought possible.


About Speaker: 

Jarin Kenyon, Owner and Host of "Fast Track Your Dreams" is a Certified Life Mastery Coach, Manifestation Teacher, and Human Design Expert. He has a bachelors degree in Kinesiology. He uses ancient wisdom, modern science, and practical tools to help people discover their life's purpose and achieve their dreams. He offers private coaching, online courses, classes, and workshops educating on the Science of the Mind, Manifestation, and Human Design. Book him to speak at public or corporate events.

About Workshop: 

You have the power to create anything you desire, through the power of your own brain. Learn practical and effective ways to steer your thoughts to the life you dream of, guaranteed. This class is more than simply an inspirational experience. It is learning a science that will not only create the results you are seeking, but it will also rewrite those negative/ limited beliefs and thought patterns that continue to repeat and reap havoc in your life. Become the creator of your own destiny!




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