Howard Vics


Fort Orange Ballroom 5

What IS Medical Thermography and Why Should I Consider It?


About Speaker: 

Howard and his wife Diane own Medical Thermography Associates in Clifton Park, with remote sites throughout the region.  He is a certified Level 3 Thermographer with specialized certifications in Technical and Clinical Thermography.  He is considered an expert in the field of applied infrared/thermal imaging and has been a frequent presenter at InfraMation (the largest gathering of thermographers worldwide) and at IR Info, where he has conducted clinics in applied thermography.  Howard is an in-demand speaker, and when he and his wife Diane are not running their Medical Thermography practice, they are educating on the use of thermography for early detection & preventive healthcare, and on using natural solutions for health and wholeness.  They love ushering at live music events and being outdoors watching the sun set.

About Workshop: 

This workshop will be a presentation on what thermography is, how it works and what it's benefits are. It will focus on how thermography compares to other imaging modalities and how it is used as a tool for early detection of developing changes to the body. The presentation will enlighten participants to the many types of disease that can be naturally and safely detected and how thermography can be part of natural wellness and healing.




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