Benefit from exposure to hundreds of potential clients all in one great location! This special event expects to bring motivated, active, pre-qualified and invested buyers and contacts directly to you. Results are tangible, and your participation translates into leads and measurable results.

RevCon highlights a wide range of businesses related to the 7 dimensions of wellness. These include physical, emotional, intellectual, social, environmental, financial, and spiritual.

Exhibitors are encouraged to apply early due to the limited amount of spaces alloted per category.  The stage is set for exhibitors to connect with hundreds of people, seeking health and wellness services and products.

Reserve your space in our Bodywork Oasis! Each year many of  the attendees enjoy various types of bodywork and energy healing. The Bodywork Oasis is designed to enhance the attendee experience and expose them to different disciplines of bodywork. Bodyworkers should bring a therapy table or chair to perform bodywork services, and are encouraged to bring a small table to display sign up sheets, pamphlets, and business cards (Tables must be the size of a card table, TV tray, or smaller). Bodyworkers will be included in the online list of exhibitors. RevCon welcomes all types bodywork including massage, acupuncture, reflexology, chiropractic, and energy healing. Bodyworkers may passively request donations by displaying a tip jar or box.

Prices vary for Exhibitor and Bodyworker Space depending on the location of the event. Click  on "Register" for location specific information.